One the needels

After looking for similar patterns for ages on Ravelry with no luck I decided to go for my own design.

I´m using unspun Álafoss lopi and Álafoss einband.  There are two reasons for my yarn choice; one Álafoss yarn is very cheap (but still 100% Icelandic wool) so if my little experiment fails my wallet will not suffer.  The second reason is my parents live almost next to the alafoss factory outlet and I just love to visiting them.

Here you can see my einband/lopi blend

And here is how the stitch looks

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3 Responses to One the needels

  1. Kristjana says:

    Ég hlakka til að fylgjast með því sem þú ert með á prjónunum.

  2. Marín says:

    Töff slá! Hef einmitt líka verið að hugsa um svona flík en enn ekki farið í að grúska og finna hana. Mjög töff!

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