In the beginning of the year I pre-ordered Ysolda´s new book Little Red.  This is the first time  I´ve ever pre-ordered a book, and what a fun process! Laikia was the first pattern that was sent to us how pre-ordered a few months before the book was published.  I wasn’t planning on knitting Laikia, I was more interested in Melina which I saw when Ysolda came to Iceland for a Knitting Iceland tour, but because I was so excited and I found out that sells Lorna Laces I just had to start. 

The pattern is so fun to work with, so clever.  Even the pages are perfectly planned so you can fold it twice and use it sufficiently. 

I changed the pattern a bit,  I skiped the hood because I didn´t know if I had enough yarn.  Turns out that I did have enough but I don´t really like hoods anyway 🙂

The sweater is surprisingly warm and perfect design for us ladies who need to hide a few pounds around the tummy area… another great office sweater for the winter!

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2 Responses to Laikia

  1. Kristín says:

    Mjög flott… ég elska Ysoldu og allt sem hún gerir… og vá hvað mig langar í þessa bók! Njóttu hennar vel!

  2. arndisosk says:

    Takk, mæli bókinni 110%, þú getur keypt e-book útgáfu á ravelry. En ef þú kaupir bókina á ravelry (þeas alvöru bókina) færð þú e-bókina í kaupbæti!

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