A baby cardigan



This cardigan I´ve made twice for my daughter.  The first one made very small and it was the cardigan that she wore on her way home from the hospital.  I made Elizabeth Zimmerman´s baby leggings from the Knitters Almanac with embodied flowers on the feet to go with it as well as Pickles baby turban.




The cardigan was so fun to make but babies grow really fast.  So this summer I decided to make another one.




I changed the design a bit, made the sleeves wider and the cardigan longer.  I’ve been thinking about publishing the design but the pattern is just so personal but if there is intrest then please let me know.


I made the second cardigan out of my stash.  It was made out of Lorna´s Laces Shepherd Solid and Rowans Kid Silk Haze.  It weighs 115gr  which means only 839 gram to go!
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One Response to A baby cardigan

  1. Gefa þessa óskaplega fallegu peysu út. Ekki spurning!

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