Wow I cant believe I can finally tell you about my design in Twist Collective!


The jacket is inspired by my mother.  I wanted to make a piece that characterized her; very precise, natural (she´s a professor in environmental science), witty and of course beautiful.   I originally made the sweater for her in unspun lopi and did the pattern in cross stitch.  Below you can see a picture of the sweater modeled by my friend Erla.

Sjónabók/ Ornaments and Patterns found in Iceland is an amazing book on patterns from the 17th, 18th  and 19th  century in Iceland.  The pattern is inspired by one of the many beautiful patterns in the book.

I´ve been designing for a few years now but never had the nerve to publish before and thanks to my talented, wonderful and very precipitant friend Ragga from Knitting Iceland ( I finally got the nerve to submit…. and they excepted!

The process was challenging, educational and extremely fun.  The Twist Collective team as been so patient and wonderful.  I had no idea how much work goes into a published design: from getting the yarn through customs, making swatches, writing, sizing, laying out, photographing, tech editing, etc.  I am so thankful for this experience, the help and the opportunity.


This is the photo that I submitted to TwistCollective.  As you can see the pattern changed a bit during the process.  The pattern is now steeked and not embroidered and the panels are wider.  The beauty modeling is my friend Erla.

The jacket is perfect for first time steekers because you are only steeking a small portion 4” and 8” and the entire sweater is not comprised if a mistake is made, but don’t worry.  steeking is very easy.  You can find many good steeking videos on youtube.

If the color work intimates you as there are more then 4 stitches between color changes here is a little trick.  When you reach 4 stitches wrap the alternate color around the yarn you are knitting with.

I´m hoping to make another jacket for my self, in either blue or black.  I think I´ll use the yarn from Halcyon I´ve been looking for a good substitute for lopi that isn’t as scratchy and I think I finally found it.

To buy the pattern or see more information about it please visit the pattern page on the twist collective web site.

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2 Responses to Hardanger

  1. torirot says:

    Congratulations! It’s a wonderful cardigan.

  2. annska says:

    Geggjað flott hlá þér 🙂

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