Knit in public

I found this amazing photo on The Satorialist and it made me think.  A few years back Ilmur an Icelandic knitting pioneer started a knit in public movement to help bring Icelandic knitters out of there couch and in to the wild.  I myself am a very shy knitter, the only time I  knit outside the comfort of my home or other knitting friends is when I´m travelling.  But I´m trying to break the habit and bought an amazing project bag yesterday and plan to do some more public knitting.  I wonder if Knit in Public Day is still alive?
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Sorry for the silence but I was just so excited to tell you all about this.  Yes my very first published pattern.  Ragga was so wonderful and helpful.  She edited the pattern and gave me wonderful pattern writhing tips.  I highly recommend Knitting Iceland as a place to publish or just to visit, online or physically.  I so want to go on one of her Faroe Island trips.

The pattern is in icelandic and english and free!

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Crazy cakes!

A few months ago my boyfriend bought me a lot of Þingborgar lopi.  I´m almost done with my cardigan (just to pockets left) and where´s whats left of my stash:


After… as you can see I only touched the first skein/cake, this stash will last me a lifetime!

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Finish fest… complite

As you might remember I was trying to finsh Dagnýs birthday sweater and my coat experiment… and I´m pleased to say that I´m finally finished both projects.  Here you can see Dagny´s birthday sweater, modeled by my friend Bryndís (I´m more your behind the camera person).  Dagný lives in Stockholm so I have to wait until she visits during easter to give it to her!  Pics of the coat experiment coming soon.



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What´s on my needles? What am I reading?

Halldóra from Prjónaperlur asked me to take part a sort of a game.  To display what I´m knitting and what I´m reading.


At the moment I´m knitting Veera Välimäki´s Comfort Cardi and reading Stieg Larsson´s book The girl how played with fire.

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A new design of my own :)

One pair for my friend Beta….

….. and one for my grandmother 🙂

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Veera Välimäki

I just discovered a wonderful new designer.  Veera Välimäki.  I´m thinking of this cardigan  for my Þingborgar stash. 

And a shawl inspired by this shawl with my einband stash

and I love this sweater!

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